The Capital Region/North Country Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC) provides training to parents, child care centers, preschool programs, UPK, Head Start, nursery schools, and community agencies. Trainings can be provided on-site and can be adapted to fit your needs.

All workshops are free.


(If there is a topic you are interested in that is not on the list, please contact us.)

Guiding Families Down the Path of Early Intervention:

Are you curious about the Early Intervention Program? Do you want to know what services are available for your child through this program? This workshop is for you! The Early Intervention Program will be discussed from eligibility to aging out of the program and all of the services available. Join us for an informative discussion about the EI program and what to expect as your child reaches age 3.

Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool Special Education:

What happens when my child is too old for the Early Intervention Program? This workshop will guide parents through the process of transition and identify changes to expect. We will take a detailed look at the similarities and differences between the Early Intervention Program and the Preschool Special Education Program. Parents participating in this workshop will be well prepared for the transition process.

What is Preschool Special Education?

IEP, CPSE, LRE -What do all these letters mean? This workshop will guide families from the referral to the Preschool Special Education Program through the transition to the school age world. We will discuss the process of evaluation, the development of the plan for your child, the role of the teachers and therapists and your role as the parent. Come learn everything there is to learn about preschool special education.

Transition: Preschool Special Education to School Age Services:

What happens when my child goes to kindergarten? Transitions are made easier when families and providers understand the process. It can be a time of excitement and anxiety. This workshop will help participants to understand the transition process, to be an active member of the transition team, to understand the difference between services in CPSE and CSE, and to understand the components of an IEP. Parents will come away from this workshop with a better understanding of what to expect as their children move on to kindergarten.

Special Services for Children Birth to Five:

This workshop will explore the process/system that is required for young children to receive special education services in New York State. You will learn about the Early Intervention Program (EI) and the Preschool Special Education Program (CPSE). The process of evaluation will be discussed, program services and IEP implementation will be highlight. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how parents can access services for young children, birth to five.

Preparing for Your IEP Meeting:

Whether its your first IEP meeting or an annual review, parents should arrive at their district IEP meeting fully prepared. This workshop will explore preparations you can do before the meeting, strategies to use during the meeting and steps to take following the meeting. This workshop will also take a look at the IEP and parental involvement in its development.

How to Talk to Parents When You Are Worried:

Are you an early childhood professional who has had difficult discussions with parents about their childrens, development, behavior, or other issues? This workshop addresses communication with parents, tools for conferencing and information about making referrals for evaluations. If you have struggled through conversations with parents about difficult topics, this workshop is for you.

Lets Get Ready to Read:

Early literacy is often cited as the most important academic skill in school readiness because most school learning depends upon knowing how to read. Early exposure and access to literacy activities is the key. This workshop will introduce early childhood providers to the importance of their role in exposing children to a literacy filled environment. Discussion will include information and practical examples of phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.

Red Flags: Disability Awareness:

As an early childhood professional, you have experience working with young children and sometimes notice difference among them. This workshop will help participants understand the range of typical development, how to observe and document concerns and how to present the information to parents. Participants will learn about developmental red flags, establishing communication with families, and the steps to take when evaluations are needed.

Understanding State Performance Plan Indicator #7: Preschool Outcomes:

This workshop includes strategies/information on the State Performance Plan Indicators related to preschool (6,7,8,11,12); with a focus on Indicator #7, Preschool Outcomes. Participants will gain information about the relevance of collecting data in the three outcome areas, appropriately completing the Child Outcome Summary Form and understanding the rating scale.